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Alpheus Bingham, PhD., is the Founder and a Member of the Board of Directors of InnoCentive, Inc. He is a strong advocate of open innovation and founded InnoCentive, Inc., along with other ventures that create the advantages of open and networked organizational structures, including: YourEncore, Inc., Coalesix, Inc., Maaguzi, Inc., Indigo Biosystems, Seriosity, Chorus and Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of InnoCentive and Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc., and the advisory boards of the Center for Collective Intelligence (MIT) and The Business Innovation Factory. Dr. Bingham has over 25 years of experience with Eli Lilly and Company in pharmaceutical research and development, research acquisitions and collaborations, portfolio management, and R&D strategic planning. In April 2011, Dr. Bingham co-authored with Dwayne Spradlin the groundbreaking book, “The Open Innovation Marketplace,” published by FT Press. Dr. Bingham received a B.S. in chemistry from Brigham Young University, and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Stanford University.

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