Speaker - Sebastian Gorka

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Dr. Sebastian L. v. Gorka is director of the National Security Fellows Program and Military Affairs Fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracy and a contributing Co-Editor of the 2001 book, Toward a Grand Strategy Against Terrorism.

He is the founding director of the Institute for Democracy and International Security and associate fellow of the Joint Special Operations University. An internationally recognized expert on matters of national security and democratic transition, he advises and briefs at the highest levels to NATO, SOUTHCOM and SOCOM.

3 Programs

Winning the Ideological War

05.25.11 | 01:01:27 min | 1 comment

Radical Islam: Learning from the Past

05.25.11 | 01:45:34 min | 6 comments

Identifying the Enemy After the Death of Bin Laden

05.25.11 | 00:33:37 min | 3 comments