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Mitch Daniels is the 49th governor of the state of Indiana (R) and the author of the current best-selling book, Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans. As governor, he led Indiana to its first balanced budget in eight years and transformed a $700 million deficit into an annual surplus of $370 million. He also presided over record-breaking investment and job growth and earned Indiana, which now ranks near the top of every national ranking of business attractiveness, its first ever AAA credit rating. Daniels’s other accomplishments include the lease of the Indiana Toll Road, the largest privatization of public infrastructure in the United States to date; the creation of the Healthy Indiana Plan to provide health care coverage for uninsured Hoosier adults; a sweeping property tax reform in 2008 that resulted in the biggest tax cut in Indiana history; and the most expansive education reforms in the country in 2011.

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