Speaker - Jason Denham

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Englishman Jason Denham honed his design skills in the workshop of British designer Joe Casely-Hayford. After eight years working in the denim industry, he set up his own Amsterdam-based denim consultancy, Clinic+, before founding internationally-respected premium jeans brand Blue Blood.

At the beginning of 2008, after traveling throughout Europe, the U.S. and Japan, Mr. Denham recognized a need for newness in the industry and was inspired to develop the Denham the Jeanmaker label with a commitment to both the storied craft of jeans-making and progressive design fueled by experimentation.

Mr. Denham's obsession with jeans combined with his unwavering attention to detail remains a key part of the brand's foundation, which is based upon creating innovative ways to modernize iconic garments.

Under Mr. Denham's guidance, the company created the Denham Garment Library, an extensive archive of archetypal jean models, work wear, military clothing, travel gear and more than 15 years of research materials that serves as an all-encompassing designer resource.

He aims to develop contemporary designs with a distinct personality that stand alone while also representing a modest step forward for the craft of jeans-making and the discipline of utility tailoring. Mr. Denham succinctly sums up the brand's mission: "Worship tradition. Destroy convention."

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