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Nate Haken is a Senior Associate at the Fund for Peace. He works on the Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST) in order to improve the ability of analysts and policy makers to forecast conflict in weak and failing states. He also works on projects aimed at the development of a multinational and multi-agency framework for evaluation of efforts in conflict and post-conflict environments and is contributing to efforts at creating holistic training tools for the civilian and military classroom. He is a leading researcher on the design of CAST and on a research project focused on ways to better predict conflict using content analysis.

He has published a paper on Economic Reform in Weak States for the FfP's Globalization and Human Rights Series and coauthored an article with Joelle Burbank on the use of content analysis in predicting the outbreak of internal conflict.

Haken is working on UNLocK (Universal Network of Local Knowledge), a project that seeks to improve early warning of conflict by working with local civil society groups in Liberia and Uganda to improve local conflict assessment capacity. In the course of this project, he helped to coordinate two workshops in Uganda and one in Liberia with local civil society and to develop a tool to increase communications between local NGOs and international NGOs working on conflict early warning.

Before joining the Fund, Mr. Haken worked as a television producer at the Voice of America as well as a newspaper reporter in Illinois. Born and raised in Africa, he also has worked as a French interpreter for refugees and asylum seekers in the U.S. He earned his MA in international communication at American University's School of International Service.

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Advancing the New Machine: Early Warning Systems

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