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Aida Maria Noval has worked in human rights information and documentation handling for over 25 years, both in Mexico and abroad. Her activities have mainly involved tool development and designing, setting up, managing, evaluating, and training on documentation centers and integrated systems for documenting human rights violations. Aida has worked primarily with local NGOs and has collaborated on several projects of the Mexican National Network of Human Rights NGOs, Red Nacional de Organismos Civiles de Derechos Humanos -- Todos los Derechos para Todas y Todos, the latest of which is the development and local implementation of the Sistema de Monitoreo de Derechos Humanos (Monitoring System of Human Rights), SMDH. Associated with HURIDOCS (Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems) for many years, currently Aida serves on its International Advisory Council. She holds a BA in Librarianship from Brighton Polytechnic (UK) and an M. Ed. in Adult Education and Community Development from Manchester University (UK).

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