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An independent filmmaker since 1967, John Knoop has produced twenty of his own films, including: Awakening from Sorrow, River out of Time, Report from Iraq, El Nuevo Amanecer, Cafe Nica, Shadow Master; Mother, Memories of the Hunt, World's Fastest Hippie and Sea of Cortez.

Knoop has also been an active cinematographer whose documentary credits include: In the Light of Reverence, Voices from Inside, Maria's Story, Poison in the Rockies, The Highly Exalted, Louie-Bluie, and Down Wind Down Stream.

4 Programs

We Are Here Together

01.01.03 | 01:06:01 min | 0 comments

River Out of Time: A Journey Through Tanu Tuva

01.01.93 | 00:48:11 min | 0 comments

Memories of the Hunt

01.01.80 | 00:27:00 min | 0 comments

Sea of Cortez

01.01.77 | 00:12:55 min | 0 comments