Speaker - Sebastian Thrun

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Progenitor of the vaunted self-driving car, Thrun led a double life as Prof. of Computer Science at Stanford, and VP & Fellow at Google. What could be an even greater boon for our world than cars that drive themselves? The answer may be his new venture. After ditching tenure at Stanford to join Google, just last year Sebastian cofounded a new online educational organization: Udacity.

3 Programs

Sebastian Thrun: Learn Computer Science from Your Couch

04.18.13 | 00:21:08 min | 0 comments

Sebastian Thrun: The Man Behind the Google Car

05.01.12 | 00:29:41 min | 0 comments

Flash of Genius: The Self-Driving Entrepreneur

03.24.11 | 00:10:29 min | 3 comments