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Alexandra Drane is the founder and president of the Eliza Corporation. Drane has devoted her career to inspiring people to lead healthier, happier and more engaged lives through the use of innovative technology. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for technology and design have led to the launch of four successful healthcare ventures over the past 15 years.

Prior to founding Eliza, Alexandra was a founder of three other healthcare ventures -- all focused on developing products that enable individual behavior change through the use of technology.

She has been named to the Boston Business Journal's "40 Under 40" list and also appears on the Healthspottr Future Health 100 list, which includes some of the most creative and influential people working in healthcare today.

2 Programs

Personalized Health Project: Session 3

04.26.11 | 02:35:10 min | 0 comments

Move Fast and Break Stuff

03.24.11 | 00:38:52 min | 1 comment