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Dr. Daniel Lieberman is a Professor of Anthropology at Harvard University and Chair of the Biological Anthropology Department, while also serving on the Curatorial Board of the Peabody Museum. Dr. Lieberman is recognized as a leading expert on morphology and is especially interested in when, how and why early hominins first became bipeds, and then became so exceptional as long distance endurance runners. He is a member of the Leakey Foundation Scientific Executive Committee.

4 Programs

The Story of the Human Body

05.12.14 | 01:20:38 min | 0 comments

Female in Evolution: Paleoanthropology Q&A

04.28.12 | 00:26:57 min | 0 comments

Millions of Years of Moms

04.28.12 | 00:27:12 min | 0 comments

Chris McDougall: Born to Run

11.05.10 | 01:59:53 min | 0 comments