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After graduating from the University of Art and Design in Zurich, Lukas Scherrer deepened his understanding of design working in architecture and in the world of luxury goods at Bally. Joining Bay Area-based IDEO in 2004, he demonstrated his creative capacity by designing complex medical devices for Medtronic, consumer electronics for Western Digital, and furniture for Steelcase. He sat on the nominating committee for the current edition of the Design Preis Schweiz, and his works have won several international design awards of their own, such as the IDSA/IDEA, IF, Spark, and Best of Neocon.

In 2008, Scherrer co-founded mimijumi, a design-driven maker of goods for the modern family. Building on his success as a Senior Designer at IDEO, Scherrer launched the San Francisco-based design studio SHIBULERU in 2010. Scherrer's new company directs design for industrial production with the benefit of wide-ranging experience spanning graphic design to architectural interventions. SHIBULERU marries award-winning expertise with a passion for beauty and precision. By celebrating all the elements of the design trade, and by taking the needs of businesses as seriously as the user context, SHIBULERU creates engaging products and meaningful, lasting experiences.

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Material Matters: Designers Talk

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Design Preis Schweiz Opening Discussion

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