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Blake Scholl is the co-founder of Kima Labs. Prior to this, he was director of product fevelopment at Pelago, the Seattle-based mobile/social startup that was first to win backing from Kleiner Perkins’ iFund.

Previously, Blake was at for 4 and a half years, where he founded the Automated Advertising group -- which created the world's first large-scale automated ad buying system and turned this program into a multi-hundred-million-dollar global business for Amazon. Blake also led Amazon’s early efforts in social product discovery and personally built massive-scale systems behind Amazon’s signature personalization technology.

Blake holds a bachelors degree in computer science with honors from Carnegie Mellon University. Blake is an avid pilot and especially enjoys the thrill and challenge of high-altitude mountain flying. When his head isn’t in the clouds, Blake can be found on the swing dance floor or reading philosophy.

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Gamification in the Real World: Location, Commerce and UX

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