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Screenwriter Richard Walter has been a member of the Writers Guild of America for thirty years and is a writer of substantial professional experience throughout the media. He is a published novelist, and the author of, Escape From Film School and Screenwriting: The Art, Craft and Business of Film and Television Writing.

He has written numerous feature assignments for the major studios and has sold material to all three networks. He has also written many informational, educational, and corporate films. Walter lectures on screenwriting throughout the world, and has toured The People's Republic of China, the Middle East, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Spain, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Toronto. He also lectures all over the United States.

He has appeared on "O'Reilly Factor," "Today," "Hardball," "ABC Primetime," "Scarborough Country," "CBS News Nightwatch," NPR, KABC-Talk Radio and numerous independent television and radio stations. More than a hundred newspaper and magazine articles have described his work and the program he directs at UCLA.

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Richard Walter: The Business of Film and TV Writing

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