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President David A. Sanchez brings a commitment to seeing that all of our public schools - where the 325,000 members of CTA work every day - get the resources they need to continue to provide a quality education for every student.

Sanchez has a strong record of accomplishments over his 30 years in the teaching profession. The first Latino president of CTA, Sanchez's leadership skills caught the attention of La Opinion newspaper, which named him one of 80 Latino "Leaders of the Future" in California in 2006.

He has testified in Sacramento on class size reduction and other vital legislation, and campaigned for three successful statewide school bonds passed by voters since 2002 that provided $35 billion to renovate our schools and relieve overcrowding. He helped lead the historic CTA campaign against the governor's measures in the special election of 2005, which would have destroyed teachers’ due process rights and the education funding protections in Proposition 98.

Sanchez is bilingual and has been the voice of CTA radio commercials in Spanish for the past eight years. He believes that our society's diversity makes us whole. He takes the helm of California's largest teachers union at a time when nearly 48 percent of the student population is Latino, and 25 percent are English learners of many ethnicities. He believes we have to close the school resource gap if we are to close the student achievement gaps that challenge our schools of greatest need.

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