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Nat is a Managing Director at Claremont Creek Ventures. He is the resident expert on energy conservation and management systems. His focus in these investment areas is built on twenty years of experience in IT as: CEO of Cybergold, founder of Centram Systems West, founding CEO of Kaleida Labs and Vice President of Sun Microsystems. Prior to his business career, Nat served as Special Assistant to Pennsylvania's Lt. Governor, William Scranton, III. He ran the state's Energy Agency as its Interim Director. Some past investments include: Ask Jeeves, Shiva and Macromedia. Nat holds a Master's degree in Education and is an emeritus member of the Executive Board of the College of Letters and Science at UC Berkeley. He serves on the Advisory Board for the Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs, as a member of the US Secret Service Electronics Crime Taskforce and is a Board Member of the Federation of American Scientists. Nat lives in Berkeley, California with Marilyn, his wife of 31 years. Their three boys are in college.

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The Sultans of Storage

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