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For more than 13 years, Andrea Wiegman, from the agency Gloed, has been collecting and connecting trends as an editor/publisher and forecaster. She founded trend magazines Eye and Second Sight and worked for major publishing companies, including Prometheus/ Bert Bakker, VNU Business Publications, Quote, TTG and Springer. During those years she built an inspiring network of trend experts and original thinkers within the Netherlands and beyond. Trained as a historian, Andrea believes that change is part of our life, although the transition period that is currently taking place might be one we won't easily forget. Impetuous shifts within technology, science, economics etc. are omnipresent: opportunities for new business and challenging lifestyles are everywhere. Gloed is specialized in tracing new lifestyles in a changing world.

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Trend Design Forecasting: Proef, It Fits & Gloed

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