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Emily Levine: humorist, speaker, radio commentator, Harvard grad, Emily began her career with an improvisational comedy group called “The New York City Stickball Team.” She went on to co-write and perform a series of Emmy-winning commercial satire segments for WNET's “Fifty-First State.” Using the unique combination of humor and real information that was fast becoming her trademark, Levine provided consumer information as a weekly feature of WNBC’s News Center 4 (in New York City).

Though her real ambition was to be an oracle, Levine settled for a career as a stand-up comedian, headlining in comedy clubs and making television appearances on shows such as David Letterman's Late Night. The LA Times called her “a stand-out as a stand-up.” Newsweek called her “one of the new queens of comedy.” Her mother called her every week. As a television writer and producer, Emily worked on shows such as Designing Women, Love and War and Dangerous Minds. She created and produced pilots for new situation comedies for CBS, NBC, ABC and HBO. Norman Lear has said: “Go see Emily Levine at the risk of blowing your mind, splitting your sides, and exiting a better person.”

2 Programs

Long Conversation with Emily Levine and Jill Tarter

10.16.10 | 00:19:42 min | 1 comment

Long Conversation with Saul Griffith and Emily Levine

10.16.10 | 00:19:34 min | 2 comments