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Joe Bageant is a commentator on the politics of class in America and the author of Deer Hunting with Jesus: dispatches from America's class war and most recently Rainbow Pie: a redneck memoir.

Rainbow Pie is a coming-of-age memoir set between 1950 and 1963 in a small Appalachian farming community situated along a West Virginia road named Shanghai (from the seventeenth-century Scots Irish, 'Shangi,' meaning to celebrate).

Combining recollection, stories, accounts, remembrance, and some analysis, Bageant gives an intimate look at what America lost in its post-war transformation-the shift from a nation of interconnecting families and communities to a consumer culture of 'individuals'. The focus on Bageant's family and the Shanghai Road community illustrates the loss of meaningful work and community as post-World War II America experiences a massive social and economic shift from agrarian to urban consciousness.

Bageant's previous novel, Deer Hunting with Jesus: dispatches from America's class war has been adapted for the theatre and is being developed as a dramatic television series in America. He also writes an online column ( that has made him a cult hero among gonzo-journalism junkies and progressives.

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'Class' with Joe Bageant

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