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David Dietrich knows about moving massive amounts of data. Mr. Dietrich has led major network and software projects with staff exceeding 100 employee engineering teams; in fact, if you have ever booked an airline reservation on the Internet, chances are that you have used his systems, which are responsible for more than 10 billion transactions annually. Mr. Dietrich has also been a senior network architect for facial recognition security systems in China's airports where he learned to speak Chinese.

His professional credits also include positions as technical lead for the development of database management systems for companies such as McDonnell Douglas and Houghton Mifflin, and he also directed engineering teams through a full software development cycle for American Express, Travelocity and Navigant International. Additionally, Mr. Dietrich is a past president of the American Marketing Association, and has served as a professor of E-commerce at San Bernadino State University, which is also where he received his MBA in Marketing.

Today, as CEO of Ether2, Mr. Dietrich utilizes all of his skills, both in marketing and raising funds, as well as in assisting the engineering team by writing Ether2's Linux drivers, which is only one of several programming codes in which he is extremely proficient. Based in Southern California, he looks forward to building the premier Layer 2 networking company and steering the ship to the realization of Dr. Graham Campbell's vision...routing without routers and switching without switches.

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