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Mark Young brings extensive experience in mobile device software development, web services, client-server computing and engineering leadership to his role at HipLogic. As co-founder and CTO, Young is responsible for HipLogic's product architecture and implementation.

Prior to founding HipLogic, Young spent five years in Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s (Sun) Consumer and Embedded Technologies division where he was a technical lead in developing Sun's Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) for mobile devices. Young was also a creator and specification lead for Java Specification Request (JSR) 172, which defined APIs that enable web services capabilities on mobile devices. He has presented J2ME technical sessions at several JavaOne Developer Conferences, as well as Cingular's WAVE developer conference.

Prior to that, Young spent several years in Sun's Solaris Software division where he architected the Solaris Management Console(SMC) 2.0—a core component of the Solaris Operating System. The SMC 2.0 is Sun's desktop management solution, providing a pluggable and distributed framework for managing and configuring Solaris system components and continues to be shipped with every copy of Solaris today.

Young received a B.S. in Computer Science from Purdue University, where he conducted undergraduate research in distance learning technologies using distributed computing methods.

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