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David Kinley is Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Sydney. His latest book is Civilising Globalisation (Cambridge University Press, 2009). From the review in the Sydney Morning Herald, by Associate Professor Jake Lynch, Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney and Chair of the Organising Committee for IPRA 2010:

"Wise advocates of a global economy based on private property acknowledge, Kinley suggests, that its success is enhanced by respecting, cultivating, even championing an idea that belongs, at once, to both everybody and nobody: human rights…

"Something of the zeitgeist can be discerned, he suggests, in 'splash and dash': a scam by biofuel merchants to ferry huge quantities of biodiesel from Europe to the US, add a bottle of American fuel – qualifying, in the process, for a hefty subsidy on the whole cargo – and thereupon ship it straight back. Such are the hazards of attempting to regulate global trade in pursuit of environmental or social benison, an undertaking that foregrounds distinctions between economic and human rights law. The latter, Kinley says, insists on individual welfare as a presupposition, whereas the former assumes it will naturally arise, providing markets 'function properly'."

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Globalization: A Force for Peace?

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