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Jennifer Westacott is the national lead partner for KPMG's Sustainability, Climate Change and Water practice and was previously the Director General of the NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources where she had responsibility for urban and regional water resource management, the management of native vegetation and land clearing and the administration of the planning system including the setting of strategic directions for accommodating growth in NSW. She was the Lead Commissioner for NSW for the Murray/Darling Basin Commission.

Westacott was responsible for developing the 25-year plan for Sydney to manage population growth and for the major release of land for new suburbs in western Sydney under the principle of water and energy efficient and walkable neighborhoods. Westacott also had responsibility for the introduction of the BASIX building sustainability index which will see a 40 per cent reduction in water use and 25 per cent reduction in energy use for all new houses built in NSW.

Westacott also led reforms in NSW such as the end of broadscale land clearing of native vegetation and for aligning NSW's waste management arrangements with the National Water Initiative.

Westacott was recently commissioned by the South Australian Government to overhaul their planning system and to provide a framework for a 30-year Plan for Adelaide to respond to population growth and prepare the city to adapt to climate change.

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