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Tecnotree COO & President, Atul Chopra, leads a global telecom conglomerate that has cutting edge answers for the exceptionally competitive global telecom markets. The impressively qualified Chopra (he holds a B.Com Honours and a degree in law from the prestigious University of Delhi), has the unmistakable earnestness about him that characterises men of entrepreneurial vision. The dynamic 46-year-old, Atul Chopra, is a chartered accountant and a lawyer. Following up on his interest in the GSM arena, he made his first acquisition in the year 2000, when he took over a small ‘boutique’ venture that had the core and the domain he wanted, thus, marking the beginning of the phenomenal birth and growth of Lifetree Convergence Limited.

Four years later, Chopra’s small venture burgeoned under his diligent and savvy guidance to become the dominant player in the market. Chopra’s involvement with Tecnotree started when Lifetree merged with Tecnomen, early this year, to become Tecnotree. Chopra’s incisive leadership, his deep understanding of the telecom markets and his clarity of vision comes to the fore when he says that in the coming five years he wishes for Tecnotree to become “the partner of choice for all customers, making available the right kind of products and solutions, providing real time information that can give the cutting edge that an agile service provider of today requires to excel in his geographies.”

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