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Alexander Zaranek has been director of informatics at the Personal Genome Project since 2005. The PGP is the only project worldwide that provides "open-access" to well integrated human tissue-samples, genetic data and phenotype data. They were one of the first users of CC0. The commitment to openness has also led to his longtime collaboration on the Polonator which is the only open-innovation instrument platform for DNA sequencing. The Polonator, and related technologies, is part of the revolution that brought DNA sequencing costs down by 10,000-fold in the last four years. More recently it has also served as a platform for synthetic chemistry and cell biology in the same open device. Finally, along with his colleagues at the PGP, Zaranek has spearheaded an open clinical genome sequence interpretation and evidence database.

His professional interests include: personalized medicine, exascale computing, and free knowledge business models. When he can, he still enjoys tinkering with quantum lifeforms and synthetic biology.

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Human Genome Project and Synthetic Biology

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