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Drew Endy helped start the newest engineering major, Bioengineering, at both MIT and Stanford. His research teams pioneered the redesign of genomes and invented the transcriptor, a simple DNA element that allows living cells to implement Boolean logic. He is also a co-founder of Gen9, Inc., a DNA construction company, and the iGEM competition.

4 Programs

Drew Endy: The iGEM Revolution

09.16.14 | 01:36:38 min | 0 comments

Human Genome Project and Synthetic Biology

07.30.10 | 01:29:39 min | 3 comments

Innovation and Opportunity from Crisis

04.06.09 | 01:05:29 min | 1 comment

Drew Endy and Jim Thomas Debate Synthetic Biology

11.17.08 | 02:04:22 min | 3 comments