A Tribute to Christopher Hitchens, 1949 - 2011



Hitchens: The Benefit of Reading Your Own Obituary

Author Christopher Hitchens recalls a photo caption in a National Portrait Gallery catalog that mistakenly listed him as "the late Christopher Hitchens." "When you read about yourself in the past tense," says Hitchens, "it does concentrate the mind."

Rushdie and Hitchens Playfully Alter Classic Literature

Authors Salman Rushdie and Christopher Hitchens play a parlor game, altering the titles of classic works of literature, such as Toby Dick and Good Expectations. The works of Shakespeare take on a different tone when re-titled in the style of Robert Ludlum novels.

Christopher Hitchens' Favorite Whiskey

The late Vanity Fair columnist and alcohol enthusiast Christopher Hitchens shares a passion with the best dictators of the Middle East.  

Hitchens on Compelling Arguments for the Existence of God

Author and atheist Christopher Hitchens remains unconvinced of the value of religion. Hitchens mockingly describes his favorite pro-religion argument saying, "The big bang is so amazing it must have been God after all." The best arguments in favor of the existence of God, he explains, are those that have "annexed" scientific theories and thus present more of a challenge for debate.

Hitchens Derides the Consequences of Religious Tradition

Author and atheist Christopher Hitchens notes an increasing audience for "resistance to clerical bullying." He cites examples of society's widespread frustration with outdated religious traditions and champions the perseverance of scientific thought.

Christopher Hitchens Likens Religion to North Korea

Noted atheist Christopher Hitchens compares monotheistic belief to living under a despotic dictatorship similar to what he reported on in North Korea. The one difference, he notes, "You can get out of North Korea -- you can die, and it's over. You can't do that with monotheism."

Christopher Hitchens Confused by Obama's Iran Policy

On the eve of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's most recent address to the UN, author and journalist Christopher Hitchens marvels at the confusion that characterizes the Obama administration's policy regarding Iran.

Hitchens on Obama's Israel Policy: 'Not Impressive'

Author Christopher Hitchens criticizes the Obama administration for being humiliated by the Israeli government over settlements in Arab neighborhoods.

"The last time there was an impressive American policy it was a Republican administration, and it was undone by the hero of every liberal in this room," he quips.

Christopher Hitchens on the Israeli Flotilla Raid

Author Christopher Hitchens discusses his views on the recent Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. He argues that while the Gaza occupation is unjust, the activists on the flotilla most likely had ulterior motives.

Dirty Limericks with Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens discusses his love of wordplay, particularly limericks. While they may seem simplistic, "even the most puerile stuff," says Hitchens, "can build muscles in you."

Hitchens and Buckley Debate the 60s Protest Movements

Journalists William F. Buckley Jr. and Christopher Hitchens debate the true motives behind the protest movements of the 1960s. Buckley attributes the rise of counterculture movements to a general "listlessness" that "called for a kind of masturbatory relief."

Christopher Hitchens: Trotsky Was Right About the Nazis

Journalist Christopher Hitchens and historian Robert Service agree on how Leon Trotsky saw the threat of the German National Socialist party long before other intellectuals.

However, Service is more critical of his moral standing in light of Russian actions, stating "his idea of foreign policy was not a morally pure position at all."

Why Christopher Hitchens Calls Himself a Trotskyist

Author and journalist Christopher Hitchens defends why he called himself a Trotskyist. Hitchens says "he combined in himself the role of man of action and man of ideas," and admires his opposition to Stalin and Hitler as "a person of immense emotional and physical courage."

Hitchens: Iran's Clock Ticking Towards Nuclear Weaponry

Journalist Christopher Hitchens elaborates on his view of Iranian nuclear policy. Hitchens says, "Which do you think is worse: The Mullahs get a bomb after the way they have behaved to their own people and to their neighboring countries? Or, that they be told that they cannot have a bomb?"

Christopher Hitchens: Iran's Generation of Rebellion

Journalist Christopher Hitchens comments on the consequences of the age demographic in Iran. Hitchens claims that nearly half of the Iranian population is under 25, which has resulted in a "baby-boomerang."

"The Mullahs have by accident ... brought about a generation that doesn't like them."

Christopher Hitchens Recalls Mass Graves In Iraq

Journalist Christopher Hitchens remembers a vivid experience while visiting uncovered mass graves in Iraq.

"If you want to feel dirtied up by the experience of fascism, try finding that you're 12 hours away from a shower and you can't get dead person out of your hair."

Christopher Hitchens Weighs the Impact of 9/11

Christopher Hitchens draws from his experiences in war-torn Sarajevo and the war in Northern Iraq to evaluate the shock of 9/11.

He says, "That kind of thing happens in a war, has to be expected. If you're in a war you're going to lose a building and a plane."

Does Divine Permission Nurture Evil?

Christopher Hitchens offers an atheist's perspective on moral worth and the nature of evil.

Drawing from examples of genital mutilation and suicide bombings, Hitchens argues that religion often draws out man's tendency towards evil and greed.

Hitchens and Hanson Discuss the Cult of Churchill

Christopher Hitchens and Victor Davis Hanson discuss "the cult of Churchill," which Pat Buchanan believes glorifies military intervention, and led us to the current war in Iraq.

Hitchens and Hanson Discuss Allied War Crimes

Christopher Hitchens and Victor Davis Hanson discuss the contrasting views of Niall Ferguson and Rush Limbaugh, the former arguing that the Allies used tactics as brutal as those of the Nazis, whereas Limbaugh argues it is merely revisionist history.

Hanson and Hitchens on WWII and the Holocaust

Christopher Hitchens and Victor Davis Hanson refute Pat Buchanan's argument that the war led Hitler to begin the mass-murdering of Jews, and suggest instead that was his intention all along.

Christopher Hitchens on Barack Obama's Race Speech

Christopher Hitchens compares Barack Obama's race speech to the Gettysburg address and finds the former the "most boring speech ever made."

While Hitchens calls Obama a "megalomaniac narcissist," Ben Relles defends the campaign by detailing the layered process between raw material and Youtube-worthy product.

Hitchens Credits Clinton's Failure to 'Raging Psycho'

Christopher Hitchens names the "#1 failure" of Hillary Clinton's campaign Bill Clinton, whom Hitchens calls a "raging pyscho."

Hitchen "rejoices" in the campaign's failure, hoping Americans will now see both Clintons in their true colors.

Christopher Hitchens & Lizz Winstead on Mainstream Media

Lizz Winstead and Christopher Hitchens wonder aloud about how "pointless, faux-political" and "ridiculous mainstream media is."

Hitchens remembers a LA Times poll asking Americans to vote on "cancer in a presidential [Reagan's] bottom."

Christopher Hitchens vs. Al Sharpton: God Is Not Great?

Author Christopher Hitchens debates the Reverend Al Sharpton on the persistence of religious belief in a world of unprecedented scientific and technological advancement.

Christopher Hitchens on Withdrawal from Iraq

Christopher Hitchens, author, columnist and vocal supporter of the U.S. war in Iraq, discusses possible consequences were the U.S. to rapidly withdraw from the country.

Christopher Hitchens in Conversation

Bestselling author and journalist Christopher Hitchens speaks with FORA.tv President and CEO Brian Gruber. This program was recorded prior to an event featuring Mr. Hitchens at City Arts and Lectures in San Francisco, CA, on May 23, 2007.

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The FORA.tv community celebrates the life of one of our favorite speakers: the great Christopher Hitchens. No one embodied the spirit of fearless inquiry and open, informed public discourse more than Christopher Hitchens. We are deeply saddened by his passing.

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