The Top 10 Funniest Videos of All Time


Sex, Jokes and Saturday Night

This week, we complete our countdown of the top 10 funniest videos on BIG thanks to everyone who voted. Drum roll, please...
The runner up is John Turturro: Acting out an Orgasm...
And the winner is Alec Baldwin: Evil Twins and Sex with Boy Scouts.


Alec Baldwin on SNL: Evil Twins and Sex with Boy Scouts

Alec Baldwin, funny man of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live fame, reenacts one of his favorite skits from his early days on SNL.

John Turturro: Acting Out an Orgasm

Acting like a flower, feeling like he was getting an MRI, John Turturro shoots a sex scene for The Luzhin Defense.


SNL: Horsing Around When Mr. Ed Dies

Comic writer Alan Zweibel, co-author of Lunatics with Dave Barry, recalls how writing for Saturday Night Live in the 1970s taught him to be flexible and improvise, particularly in a skit that involved an uncooperative horse.

Lewis Black: In God and Healthcare We Trust (Or Not)

BBQ, sausage gravy, the female breast ... comedian Lewis Black lists the reasons why he does, and does not, believe in God.


Mike Rowe's Dirtiest Job? Replacing the Poop Pump

Mike Rowe has had dirty jobs in the past, but nothing quite like his memorable visit (for all the wrong reasons) to a San Francisco sewage treatment facility.  

Vodka and M&Ms: Drinking with Clooney and Pitt

Legendary film producer Jerry Weintraub tells the story of an epic drinking contest between himself, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt on a private jet returning home from a shoot in Italy.  

Paula Deen Admits the Donut Burger Went Too Far

Food Network star Paula Deen recalls her infamous hamburger recipe. "Only one serving per lifetime," she says. 

'A Virus Walks Into a Bar…' and Other Science Jokes

When a virus walks into a bar, humans don't stand a chance, says science comedian Brian Malow.

You Can’t Translate 'Shake 'n Bake' into Farsi

Author Firoozeh Dumas discusses how difficult it was to translate her best-selling book Funny in Farsi from English into Farsi so Iranian censors could clear it for distribution in Iran.


Dave Barry's Career: 'It's All About the Sewage'

Pulitzer Prize-winning humor columnist Dave Barry identifies what is, in his words, a common "theme" running throughout his career.

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