Technology: Follow the @Money

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, looks back at what was trending in 2013 with our Year In Ideas series Technology: Follow the @Money.


Mark Zuckerberg: 'I'm Pro-Knowledge Economy'

When Mark Zuckerberg was asked where he identified on the political spectrum on his trip to Washington, he responded, "I'm pro-knowledge economy." While Zuckerberg touted education and immigration reform, he added, it is hard to affiliate with being either a democrat or a republican. 

Costolo: Twitter's Most Surreal 'Captain Kirk' Moment

Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, shares some of the company's most surreal moments, including communicating with Captain Kirk.

3D Robotics: How Drones Will Revolutionize Farming

 Founder of 3D Robotics and DIY Drones Chris Anderson describes how farmers are using drones to gather data and take precise measurements of crops. 

A State vs. a Federal Health Care Website

Mike McGeary, Co-Founder and Chief Political Strategist of Engine Advocacy and Berin Szoka, President, of TechFreedom debate whether a health care technology would be better run through a state model after the debacle. 

Systrom: Don't Worry, Instagram Doesn't Own Your Photos

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom takes on the rumor that the photo-sharing app has the right to sell user's photos.

Marissa Mayer Responds to Yahoo Work-from-Home Criticism

Yahoo President and CEO Marissa Mayer defends her decision to institute a controversial plan requiring employees to work on-site. Mayer argues that having workers in the office spurs discovery and innovation.

How to Start Building Apps for Google Glass

Matt Richardson briefs over the development environment for Google Glass Apps.

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In 2013, big data got bigger. got debugged. We saw the world through Google Glass. Drones fired missiles and delivered pizza. Mr. Zuckerberg went to Washington. Yahoo's work-from-home ban cracked the whip. The #TwitterIPO trended. looks back at a year of hashtags and dollar signs with our Year In Ideas series Technology: Follow the @Money.

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