Reflecting on Obama's First Year



length: 00:18:30 | date: 12.17.2009
length: 01:20:57 | date: 10.09.2009
length: 01:04:13 | date: 09.17.2009
length: 01:13:32 | date: 04.27.2009
length: 00:49:55 | date: 04.14.2009

About this series

It's been a tumultuous first year for President Barack Obama: a glorious inauguration, global warming, the healthcare debate, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Nobel Peace Prize, the financial crisis, and so on. Too many ups and downs to count.

Now, one year into his presidency, many people are asking whether Obama can deliver on his campaign promise of change, or whether the challenges are simply to great for him, or for any leader.

This series highlights many of the issues faced by Obama during his first 12 months: global warming, the financial crisis, and international relations, among others. What's clear is that it wasn't simply a president who created this mess nor will it be solely a president to fix it. Support from both parties, and from the legislature and the judiciary, in conjunction with broad support from the American people are the forces he must marshal if he is to succeed.