Your Personal Video Guide to GeekDad Day

June 16, 2013

Make This Father's Day GeekDad Day

To celebrate National GeekDad Day, we have picked these videos to give dads and the rest of the family what they really crave: Cool, do-it-yourself projects that will have everyone geeked out. (Just to get the inspiration flowing, we've also added some mind-expanding science videos.)


Chris Anderson: Making Drones at a Fraction of the Price

Wired's Chris Anderson details cheap open source technologies that enable makers to turn any vehicle into an autopilot drone.

The Hacket: A Jacket Hacked with Wearable Technology

Eighth Grader Nik demonstrates his "Hacket", a jacket with wearable technology including responsive lights and sounds.

Making on a Budget: Adam Savage Goes Dumpster Diving

Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters, traces his making routes to advise young makers how to make using found and discarded materials.

Hack the Future: Using Games to Teach Programming

Alex Peake, founder and CEO of Primer Labs, discusses his mentor program called Hack the Future along with his game Code Hero. Code Hero is a game that teaches you programming while you play.

'Alice' Teaches Kids to Program Java with Storytelling

Oracle Systems Engineer Daniel Green talks about "Alice", a Java game design platform designed for young people. Alice has a special focus on encouraging girls to become involved in programming and engineering.

New DIY Light Effects with Smart Materials

Caterina Mota demonstrates some smart materials that are newly available for makers, such as conductive acetate and light diffusing acrylic.

Raspberry Pi: Making Computer Programming Accessible

Eben Upton, co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, discusses the inspiration behind developing the $25 pocket-sized computer.  He explains that his goal was to make it easy for kids to learn to program at home, arguing “I don’t think you learn to program in two hours a week in a lesson at school, I think you learn to program in four hours a night at home.”

The Paper Airplane Guy: 'We're All Makers'

John Collins, World Record Paper Airplane maker, explains why he thinks we are all makers and storytellers.

Adam Savage's Journey: From Making to 'MythBusters'

Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters, talks about his history of making, and how he made his way to Mythbusters.

Beau Lotto Demos the Adaptability of the Mind

Beau Lotto uses Peter Baumann to show how the mind can adapt to changes in perception by hitting a target while wearing prism glasses.

Steve Cousins: Robots for Humanity

Steve Cousins, president and CEO of Willow Garage, expands on how robotics can benefit the disabled. Cousins explains how robots can assist with everyday tasks such as shaving and itching, as well as autonomous tasks. "This sets a course for the direction of robotics," he says.

VS Ramachandran on the Mirror Neuron Effect

V.S. Ramachandran explains what causes amputees to have sensations in their phantom limbs, the parts of the brain called mirror neurons.

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