Money: Recession. Recovery. Repeat.

As the world's economy continues to evolve, looks back at what was trending in 2013 with our Year In Ideas series Money: Recession. Recovery. Repeat.


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About this series

For the first time since the beginning of the global financial downturn, 2013 offered a reprieve from crisis. The U.S. economy made steady, albeit slow, gains as it continues to move forward following the Great Recession. Pushed to the brink of insolvency in 2012, the European Union is also on the road to recovery even though member states still grapple with unemployment and the effects of austerity. Meanwhile, emerging economies in Asia and South America are facing challenges as they become players in the dynamic 21st century marketplace.

All of these big stories distill down to one simple idea: money, for better or for worse, still makes the world go 'round. As we look ahead to 2014, find out how the emergence of new concepts like Bitcoin or the spread of conscious capitalism could play a role in shaping the global economy. Also, discover how developing, emerging, and advanced economies must adapt their systems to avoid a refrain that starts with a recession, turns into recovery, and then repeats itself all over again.

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