Masters of Modern Dance

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    About this series

    In the Masters of Modern Dance series, you will experience the very best of the PBS NewsHour’s dynamic arts coverage. Senior correspondent Jeffrey Brown sat down with many of the world’s most renowned modern dance choreographers, from the veteran Paul Taylor to the newest star, Trey McIntyre. In this series, five of them talk in depth about their passion for their craft and how they develop those choreographed performances that have shaped the world of modern dance. You’ll also peer behind the curtain as these choreographers critique and rehearse with their dance companies.

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    For thirty years, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions has been synonymous with trustworthiness, depth, creativity, and innovation in broadcast journalism. MacNeil/Lehrer Productions produces the PBS NewsHour, one of the most trusted institutions in news, as well as award-winning documentaries and non-fiction television programming. MLP also produces coverage of national elections, the State of the Union address, national political conventions, and other major events for PBS.

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