Masters of Modern Dance

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Trey McIntyre Dance Company Steals Hearts in Heartland

Choreographer Trey McIntyre discusses how his dance company, the Trey McIntyre Project, has fostered a growing arts scene in its home of Boise, Idaho. He attributes the success of appealing to larger audiences to his American sensibility and the use of more accessible music. "Someone can come to the show and say, 'Oh wow, I learned a lot from watching how that athlete functions,'" says McIntyre.

Baryshnikov on Opening the Baryshnikov Arts Center

Renowned choreographer Mikhail Baryshnikov discusses his motivation for opening the Baryshnikov Arts Center. He insists that practicing art is becoming more problematic due to the pressures of economy. "I try to help young artists to succeed in the art business," says Baryshnikov.

Bill T. Jones: Bringing Art to an Evolving Audience

World-renowned choreographer and director Bill T. Jones describes his interest in attracting a wider audience for his production of "Fela!" Jones reflects on the evolving theater culture in America, saying, "The demographics of the country are changing, are we ready?"

Paul Taylor Puts Dancers' Morale Above Choreography

Choreographer Paul Taylor explains his dance company dynamic as a benevolent dictatorship that aims to keep morale among the dancers high. "A company's morale is more important than the choreography," says Taylor, arguing that strong teamwork among the company is highly visible to the audience.

Mark Morris: Why the Public Fears Modern Dance

Acclaimed choreographer Mark Morris speculates why the general public is afraid of two simple words: modern dance. "Very often people think that they don't know how to watch it, or they're bullied into thinking that it's over their heads," says Morris, who believes that truly great art always engages the audience.

Mikhail Baryshnikov: Rehearsal Excerpt

Mikhail dances with the Hell's Kitchen Dance Company in a piece called "Come In" directed by Aszure Barton, a choreographer in residence at the Baryshnikov Art Center. Watch a behind the scenes rehearsal of Baryshnikov with the young troupe under the direction of Barton.

Mark Morris: Rehearsal Excerpt

Mark Morris leads and critiques his company in a rehearsal of several dance routines. Watch this exclusive behind the scenes footage of the rehearsal session.

Trey McIntyre: Rehearsal Excerpt

The Trey McIntyre Project premiered a new collaborative work on February 4, 2011 at the Mahalia Jackson Theater in New Orleans with live music from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Watch as Trey leads two of his company dancers in an early stage rehearsal for the dance piece.

Bill T. Jones: Rehearsal Excerpt

Directing a musical Jones has to think beyond dance choreography to lighting, dialogue, costumes, and set design. Watch an exclusive behind the scenes rehearsal as lead choreographer, Bill T. Jones, and, associate choreographer, Maija Garcia direct the cast of Fela in a rehearsal of the Storming scene from the musical.

Paul Taylor: Rehearsal Excerpt

The Paul Taylor Dance Company dances a condensed and humorous performance of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida. Watch a dress rehearsal as Paul Taylor critiques and advises his dancers.

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About this series

In the Masters of Modern Dance series, you will experience the very best of the PBS NewsHour’s dynamic arts coverage. Senior correspondent Jeffrey Brown sat down with many of the world’s most renowned modern dance choreographers, from the veteran Paul Taylor to the newest star, Trey McIntyre. In this series, five of them talk in depth about their passion for their craft and how they develop those choreographed performances that have shaped the world of modern dance. You’ll also peer behind the curtain as these choreographers critique and rehearse with their dance companies.

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