Front Row at Fashion Week



Who Inspired Anna Sui to Become a Fashion Designer?

Anna Sui talks about her thought processes as a child and teenager wanting to be a fashion designer.

Stephen Mitchell: The Tao of Translation

Stephen Mitchell, author of The Second Book of the Tao, discusses his unique approach to translating Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching.

He explains previous translations were done by "linguists and scholars and theologians," whereas he approached the work after years practicing and studying Buddhism.

Target and Mizrahi: High Fashion Meets Economical Prices

Retail and consumer consultant Robert Burke says the high fashion industry can learn from Target and Isaac Mizrahi's partnership.

The Marketing Strategies Behind Sustainable Fashion

Leslie Hoffman explains that while sustainable fashion is "good for you," it should not be "dull."

However, she cautions that many designers are creating faux "green" fashions, which dilute the impact of the movement.

Yves Saint Laurent Challenges Gender Roles with Fashion

Fashion historian Farid Chenoune uses the fairytale as a metaphor to explain the social, political, and sexual taboos of gender roles in Yves Saint Laurent's work.

Vogue's Sally Singer Weighs in on The Devil Wears Prada

Vogue's fashion news and features director Sally Singer discusses the similarities and differences between Vogue's editor in chief Anna Wintour, and Meryl Streep's character Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada.

"Almost everything about it isn't true," she says of the office drama portrayed in the film.

Fashion Icon Michelle Obama: Altering Stereotypes

Author Annette Gordon-Reed discusses the social implications of Michelle Obama's status as an accomplished woman and fashion icon.

She explains that while the First Lady's fashion style may be viewed as a trivial issue, it actually challenges notions of "black femaleness."

Mary Ping Argues Fashion Design is 'Dead'

Mary Ping, designer of Slow and Steady Wins the Race, argues that modern fashions are derived from cheap knock-offs of previous styles.

In response, she suggests designers insist on making high-quality products, rather than churning out cheap trendy clothing.

The Hijab: Political Tool or Feminist Statement?

Professor Bronwyn Winter analyzes the hijab ban in France, weighing freedom of choice against sexual and class politics.

"I can't see anywhere in the Koran where it says...all women must wear a hijab," says Winter.

Yves Saint Laurent's 'Wildly' Controversial 1970s Fashion

Hamish Bowles argues that Yves Saint Laurent created a "daring, modern" silhouette in the 1970s from 1940s themes.

Bowles believes this modern look signaled the "death knell for '60s futurism."

Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld on 'Coveted' Couture Fashion

Karl Lagerfeld, head designer and artistic director for Chanel, looks at how new world tastes and "new money" are reviving couture and high-end fashion.

Kenneth Cole Debates Who You Are vs. Who You Wear

Kenneth Cole, CEO of Kenneth Cole, recalls how he got involved in amfAR and AIDS charities in order to turn his business into something more socially meaningful.

Kevin Carrigan: How Fame Inspired the Calvin Klein Look

Kevin Carrigan, Global Creative Director at Calvin Klein, shares how the brand is inspired by icons from the designer's archive to modern-day Hollywood.

Made in USA: Recession Fashion Does More With Less

Kent Kilroe, Managing Director at Freeman's Sporting Club, and Maurizio Donadi, Founder/Chief Creative Officer at Conduit Creative Office, discuss how the manufacturing mindset in the U.S. produces fashion that's made to last. 

Thom Browne: American Fashion and the Classic Gray Suit

Fashion designer Thom Browne explains why he returned to the timeless gray flannel suit for a show in Florence. 

Use Your Youth: How Fashion Instincts Go Beyond a Brand

Designers Charline De Luca and Isa Tapia describes how rookie designers must use their instincts and stay hungry to get out ahead in the fashion industry. 

Weibo: How Chinese Microblogs Sneak Fashion Past Censors

Executive vice president of Shanghai Jahwa United Co. Ltd. Hua Fang shows how microblogging tools like Weibo - the equivalent of Twitter in China - are helping to globalize brands.

Millennial Fashion in Moscow: Beauty Isn't About Money

Vice President for Rive Gauche Corinne Jacques breaks down the demographics of who shops at Tsvetnoy in Moscow, from millennials to fashionistas, and what they really want to say with their style. 

About this series

In honor of New York Fashion Week, beauties and brains come together in these fashionable highlights and ask the following questions:

Is fashion 'dead'? Can a feminist statement be made through clothing? Can high fashion and low prices ever meet? How did 'recession fashion' change the industry?

From Michelle Obama's iconic style to the great hijab debate, these clips prove that fashion both mirrors and molds popular culture.