PGC Frequently Asked Questions

What is PGC?
PGC stands for Partner Generated Content (PGC) System. It is's proprietary web platform that allows preapproved conference and event organizers to upload videos to the site. The videos become part of the award-winning library.
What are the benefits of using's PGC System?
Our do-it-yourself service offers:
  • Fast and easy video uploads to
  • Dedicated Partner Channel for viewing your video programs
  • Unlimited storage, hosting, and playback of your videos on AND on your site
  • Placement of your videos among programs from the world's best conferences and events
  • Increased audience reach with social media tools and search engine optimization (SEO)
How do I get approved for's PGC System?
If you want to use the PGC system, you will need to fill out an application. This application must be approved by Once the application is approved, you'll be given credentials to purchase and to use PGC. If you aren't approved, we'll let you know why. Throughout the process, you can always ask us questions.
What kind of partner is looking for?
We're looking for conference and event organizers, educators, nonprofits and others who produce high-quality videos that cover a wide-range of topics: business, environment, politics, science, technology and culture. The videos can be keynotes, lectures, debates or other programs. They should appeal to a smart, deeply engaged audience interested in provocative, big ideas. Visit our Partner Directory to see who we are currently working with.
How much does it cost to use's PGC System?
Every year you will be charged an annual service and hosting fee. In addition, you will be charged for the number of videos you publish to
Are there any other costs or fees associated with's PGC System?
No. We've made pricing simple and transparent - no hidden fees.
How do I sign up for PGC if I'm an existing partner, but have not yet been approved for PGC?
If you're an existing partner and would like to use our PGC system, please contact your sales representative or send us an email at
What is my Channel Homepage?
Your Channel Homepage is the web page that displays your branding and all your videos. The page is part of our Partner Directory.
Are all partners who use PGC required to create a Channel Homepage?
Yes, your Channel Homepage must be completed and submitted to for review. Once accepts your Channel Homepage, it will be published to, but only after your first video is published.
Once my Channel Homepage has been published, how do I make changes to it?
To edit your Channel Homepage, log in to the PGC System. From your PGC Homepage, you'll see a link to edit your Channel Homepage in the upper-right corner.
What does it mean if my video is done uploading but is still "processing"?
It simply means the PGC System is not done transcoding your video to be played on the web. While we are processing your video, you may add basic information to your video. However, before you can add chapters, previews and an image, our system must finish processing your program. This could take from a few minutes to as much as eight hours depending on the size of your video file.
How do I delete a video that is already published to
Please send us an email at detailing what video you would like removed (include the url and video title), and we will work with you to delete it.
What if I have a file larger than 4 gigabytes and I can't use the browser upload?
Please contact at for login information and instructions on how to upload your videos using our FTP service. This is available to all PGC customers at no additional charge.
Will all my videos be reviewed by
Initially, we will review all your videos before they are published to Later on, we may choose to forgo this review process and publish your videos directly to
What does the "Purchase" bar mean on the PGC Homepage?
This shows you the number of videos in your account and the number you have published to
Is there a set limit to how many videos I can publish a year to
No, you can publish as many videos as you like. If you need to add more videos to your account, go to your PGC Homepage and look for the "Purchase More Videos" button in the right-hand column.
How do I add a chapter to my full-length video?
Use the advance and back controls, or drag your mouse to move the orange maker to the time that you would like a new chapter to start, or click on the timecode and insert your own timecode. Select "Add Chapter" to start a chapter at that timecode. You can then click on your created Chapter to add a Chapter title. Select "Submit Chapters" to attach your chapters to your video.
How do I add a short preview to my full-length video?
Use the advance and back controls or drag your mouse to move the orange maker to the time that you would like a new preview to start. Then click on the preview to edit the end time, or move the orange marker to the end time you want. Previews must have start and end times selected. You can then click on your Preview Title to edit the title, and Preview Desc to edit the description of your preview. Select "Submit Preview" to attach your preview to your video.
Why can't I change the URLs of my videos?
Once your video is published, the URL is used in many areas of the website and across the web. If the URL is changed, it will cause dead links and viewers won't be able to watch your video.
What if I have an entire library of videos that I would like to publish to
If you're interested in adding more than 100 videos to, please contact us by visiting our Video Services page.
Can I sell my videos on
Yes, we'll work with you to determine a monetization solution that best fits your needs. For more information, contact:
Can I earn a revenue share on the display and preroll ads that are served with my videos?
If you have a sponsor for your videos, then yes, we're happy to help you fulfill your sponsorship obligations. We'll work with you to serve your sponsor's pre-roll and display ads with your videos. For more information, contact:
What are's upload guidelines for videos? is dedicated to providing an exceptional user experience, and we ask that your video meet certain quality standards.

MPEG-4(.mp4) Videos need to be put in a format that can be compressed and watched on the web. MPEG-4 is a broad term used to define a standard video format that is used to deliver high-quality videos.

Video CODEC H.264 This is a fancy term that refers to how your video will be encoded. There are a variety of codecs out there. They have different features and produce different qualities. uses H.264 Baseline 3000kbps for SD, 8000kbps for HD.

Bitrate This determines both the size of the video file and the quality. The higher the bitrate the larger the video file and the better the quality. Please submit videos with 3000kbps per second (kbits/sec or kbps). For HD please submit videos with 8000kbps per second.

Video Aspect Ratio Aspect Ratio is the dimensions of your video. All videos must have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (854x480) or 4:3 (640x480). For HD video, please submit 1280x720 for 720p video or 1920x1080 for 1080p.

Deinterlace Make sure you select this option if you have it. If you are shooting in DV format, this is very important. Otherwise, your video might be full of lines.

Audio Settings Please choose AAC for the audio codec. Select a bit rate of 320 kbps. The sample rate should be 44.100 kHz.

Frame Rate This refers to how quickly unique consecutive images are produced by your video camera. The frame rate should be set to "original" or "current." Thirty frames per second is standard in the USA, Canada and Japan. In Europe and the rest of the world, it's 25 frames per second.