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Next week the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will elect a new executive secretary. Faced with an unprecedented financial crisis and renewed attacks by member states, the executive secretary assumes this position at a critical moment in the Commission's history.
Please join us for an international panel of researchers and growers from Colombia, Morocco, Peru, and the United States, who will discuss the role of drug crop production in poverty and development.
This one day event in New York aims to share tips and techniques which have enabled The British Medical Journal to lead on some major investigations over the years, from MMR vaccination to the truth behind sports drinks.
Mark Heywood and Adila Hassim will explore how they have used litigation for social mobilization, their decision to close the AIDS Law Project in 2010 and to establish SECTION27, and why they partner closely with South Africa's foremost social movement for HIV, the Treatment Action Campaign.
This lunch-time event alongside the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit will offer a platform for representatives from civil society, the private sector, and governments to share experiences on efforts to improve natural resource governance, including fiscal and financial transparency.
Open Society Foundations president Chris Stone in conversation with media scholar and activist Ethan Zuckerman about Zuckerman's book Rewire and the nature of cosmopolitanism in the digital age.
In December 2010, we convened for Black Male: Re-Imagined. The conversation continues on March 5th, we kick off Perception 2020 -- our national campaign to shape authentic perceptions of black men and boys.
Drawing on the Open Society Foundations' research into the worldwide impact of new and digital media, this forum will discuss the role that these evolving forms of media can play in the development and strengthening of democratic societies.
In The International Human Rights Movement, Aryeh Neier offers a comprehensive and authoritative account of this global force, from its beginnings in the 17th and 18th centuries to its essential place in world affairs today.
The scale of national security secrecy and surveillance has surpassed all previous boundaries-especially in the national security arena, where the budgets, size and scope of intelligence agencies have ballooned since 9/11.
An interactive discussion on the challenges to ensuring the right to vote for people with disabilities.
The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, the Center for American Progress, and the Open Society Foundations host a conversation with Wes Moore, New York Times bestselling author, and Michel Martin, host of NPR's "Tell Me More."
As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, IDEA is launching Securing Liberty - a high school debate initiative that offers students a unique opportunity to consider America's response to the terrorist attacks and their impact on our nation's commitment to its core values.

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