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Dec 8, 2008
Liverpool John Moores University
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I'm a thoroughly revolutionary conservative; I'm a broken watch that functions like the tide; I'm the writer who can't read but knows it doesn't matter; I'm the first to leave you a birthday message and the last to remember my own; I'm a fully aware pile of atoms that knows the value of love having never truly loved anyone; I'm the only person who would dare leave a Facebook message this pretentious; I can't believe you're still reading this but I'm grateful that you are; I'm drunk and listening to Tom Waits, because my life is not one mistake after another, but one single mistake constantly repeated; I love the thinking people, and I hope you will forgive me this impulsive, ghastly sonnet. Remember me as an antagonist, and wear your mood like a earring, as I do. When we next speak, be sure to make fun of me for this message; it's only the two of us that will ever read it.

Please do not send me app invites. They make my soul bleed.
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