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Posted: 01.29.09, 07:58 AM
I am Barack Obama's Savior- ENERGY- Time will tell

i will now tell you what is upon monkey planet-
i will now tell you what is upon monkey planet- your messiah Barack Obama is the wolf in sheep's clothing- I AM THE LAMB OF GOD in wolves clothing- you show me love- i give you paradise- i am not here for your song and dance- it is YOU on judgment- now are the days for all mankind to be accountable- even you - let the children be born into a world without that shield upon their souls - for maybe life has been hard and you have learned something-for this is the truth- a child born without physical qualities-struggling to just survive against others-some more gifted lucky privileged with food shelter power-man yells share to a child- yet not to one another-

i am the trigger of man- YOU will submit and uncover my deeds as one messiah will SCREAM for energy in public government stage- and another with conviction to state I AM THE MESSIAH with energy for you- will man actually save his generation before global nuclear war over ener5gy with russia iran koreo whatever very soon- god and i are watching- we are one- who are you

they say ignorance is bliss- FOR what good is too much knowledge and enlightenment when you cannot transmit it to another- one small step at a time for monkey planet- some day will graduate into children of god in this universe- not yet- but very soon

Nikola Tesla did not solve energy crisis- Nor Albert Einstein- SOLOMON AZAR HAS
My name is solomon azar, I took the ideas of many scientists the world has grown and finalized an ideology and experiment to end the global energy

crisis with no greenhouse gases-That was the easy part-now i find myself trying to gain FAITH of my fellowman to spread this story-WHY-

for i did everything alone-a garage scientists who is successful- and now i need to be proven correct- so i come upon the fantastic invention called the

net- invented after thousands of years- if not millions of the monkey race of man only to be ridiculed and bullied- like the jackasses that harassed

several teenagers to suicide-

what i have found is disgusting and the reason why innocence is raped killed and beaten- why man goes to war over and over again- YOU DESERVE IT-

Truly- as a scientists and observer- i have found the reason for mans madness at times- it is meant to be- to antagonize and harrass each other- hardly

any time to just relax in life- always on guard- WHY-

go live one day in nature and see how hard it is- technology is great and makes life far more stable- so get your head out your ass and understand there

are still many grandparents alove right now that remember when the automobile first came out- the refrigerator- the television- medicine for this

ailment and so forth-

and to this day half the children of the earth still die from simple drinking water untreated-


wars have always come and gone- a natural part of life to keep a civilzation the strongest- or die by your neighbors hands that keeps the torch brighter

than another to find answers-

and now in a century man declars war to end all wars forever since ww1-ONE CENTURY NOW-

when will it end-

I am your messenger- over one year i state these words- you will never give me an ear to listen or an eye to witness until i give you a miracle- for

part of your animal ways is giving someone attention ONLY after they do something for you-


you care not to help me or investigate my science deeds because i say messenger of god- thus- only true solution will never be uncovered as YOU are an

ignorant and selfish creature that says you love god by majority in the world- yet- does nothing when a disciple asks for help-or anyone for truth- and

this is part of my message- i have much to say- and you will surely understand if total economy crumbles and you lose your jobs-and go off to war- for

many look for answers why afterwards-

but for first time in human history- a chance comes for peace without global war- your window closes very fast as the military pawns have been set and

iran russia pakistan and many others are ready-

ONLY a messenger can create peace between the nations without global war- but it seems man is still a savage monkey race-not children of god- thus- let

the lessons continue

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