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Mary Cross
Posted: 11.29.11, 05:04 AM
Thank you Cindy. You have said what so many parents believe.
I feel that the pornification of culture is detrimental to our children's sexual lives. Particularly young female sexual lives. A friend's 14 year old daughter dated an older teen. She developed a hair trigger gag reflex and mom found out that the boy was gagging her with his penis - a common hardcore porn act. Her daughter didn't want that. She didn't enjoy it - very few women do. But like letting a guy cum on your face (which most women hate as it is disrespectful and humiliating), young girls and boys think that it is normal. And so, young girls are not learning to embrace their sexuality by viewing images that show her getting pleasure the way most women do. I want my daughter to get off as much as any guy she is with. I don't want her to give a blow job unless he goes down on her too. Hardcore porn's male focus and the extremeness of many of its depictions unfortunately seem like the norm to the younger generation. As someone said ... the battle of the sexes was over as soon as women started taking pole dancing classes for exercise.