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Posted: 12.17.09, 10:37 PM
Originally Posted by LindaI
“The sea ice around the (Antarctic)continent is far above average (ref. UIUC). Also, note the colder than average sea surface temperatures around Antarctic (ref. NOAA). If the media is going to discuss the Wilkens Ice Shelf, they should also discuss this other data. The expansion of the sea ice coverage implies a cooling.”
The news media should indeed discuss the other data, though the breakups of the Wilkins Ice Shelf (which, by the way, is the size of Connecticut; also by the way, it's not "Wilkens") and also the Larsen B Ice Shelf are naturally dramatic, and drama is usually judged more newsworthy.

Your source's claim that "The sea ice around the (Antarctic)continent is far above average (ref. UIUC)" is not supported by a reasonable interpretation of the data. Simply citing UIUC doesn't help much without a link, by the way.

Here's a more useful link for you: (from the National Snow and Ice Data Center). What this shows is that there is no discernible trend in 30 years; February (end of summer) 2009 sea ice is about where it was in 1979, and close to the 30-year mean - definitely NOT "far above average". Your source might be referring to the increase of summer 2008 (still not "far above average" though); but it was back down again in 2009.

That might sound like good news, but it's not. From 2007, succinct and comprehensible for non-scientists like yourself:

The Amundsen Sea Embayment is one of the three basins for ice drainage in the WAIS. Both the grounded ice sheet and the ice shelf are thinning. This may explain why the water is still cold, since ice is melting off the ice shelf. Dr. Hansen claims that the loss is on the order of 100 cubic km per year; I can't tell where that number comes from, but it's likely from the work of Dr. Rignot at JPL, whom he cites. Get back to us if you find a different number.

While you're at it you should look up Chris Rapley, director of the British Antarctic Survey. Here's a readable start:

Originally Posted by LindaI
More than 30,000 scientists worldwide have dissented "anthropogenic" climate change.
Who are these 30,000? If you can count them, on what list are they to be found? Tell you what, pick 30 of them and list them with their qualifications and links to their work.

Originally Posted by LindaI
The Copenhagen Conference is no more than than an attempt at a "world political governance" complete with blame and taxes. Pay attention, sheeple.
You're not going to persuade a lot of people by calling them "sheeple". I'll be blunt: you sound condescending as hell. I'll go further: I don't like being called a follower by someone who doesn't show any grasp of the issue beyond vague claims of a secret army of dissenting scientists and a link to someone's blog with dubious scientific merit. I'm tempted to ask: Who's the sheep here?