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Posted: 06.02.09, 01:39 PM
The problem with GMOs is that they have been designed for profit. Just like anything else designed for profit there are shortcuts, biased testing, and a push for a return that outweighs the advantage of the product. They were also released into the "wild" without any thought to consequence of that action. If there was a way to develop some sort of GMO life form which would be tested for generations before use -maybe- I could endorse such a thing and only on an "open source" basis since then anyone would be able to have access to study it. These would have to be in a strictly controlled INDOOR environment before it could be introduced - if at all. There is no reason that GMO's can't be grown in greenhouses to prevent the spread into natural areas. It needs to be treated as a unknown time bomb because that is what it could be. If there was no dangerous problems with this then it would have naturally occurred thousands of times over by now.