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Posted: 03.03.09, 06:10 AM
The excellent news is that global warming seems to have stopped itself. Temps have not risen since 2001, the Arctic ice mass is (per the University of Illinois Arctic Research Center) is approximately where it was in 1979 and the all-important "greenhouse signature" - the hot spot that every greenhouse-driven global warming model depends on - fails to materialize after thousands of radiosonde tests.

NASA scientist Ferenc Miskolci recently resigned in protest saying that his findings pointing to one critically flawed assumption in the greenhouse gas equations of Arthur Milne had been suppressed by James Hansen's clique. Milne mistakenly solved the differential equation involved by assuming an infinitely thick atmosphere. Miskolczi was working for NASA at the time and NASA suppressed his report which contradicted NASA's claims. Don't be shocked that you haven't heard about this but you can check the links below to verify.

This isn't some Exxon-fueled right wing fantasy. It's a growing, increasingly confident and concentrated scientific challenge to the now disappearing "consensus" on anthropogenic global warming. If you haven't heard it yet (not surprising given how embarrassingly breathless most media hype about the impending climate "disaster" has been) you will pick it up soon enough.,00.html