Frequently Asked Questions

Membership & Account

Do I have to register to view videos?
What is Front Row membership?
How do I become a Front Row member?
Can you tell me more about the 60 day waiting period for Front Row Members to get free access to Pay-Per-View videos?
Are films included in the Front Row Member Pay-Per-View access?
What is a Front Row 24-Hour Trial?
What is Basic membership?
How do I become a Basic member?
How do I change my account information like password and email address?
I forgot my username or password, what do I do?
How do I cancel my membership or delete my account?

Pay-Per-View Video

What are Pay-Per-View Videos?
I need help purchasing viewing access to a Pay-Per-View Video, who can help me?
I have purchased viewing access to a Pay-Per-View Video, what happens next?
I am having trouble verifying my account, what do I do?
I purchased viewing access to a Pay-Per-View video on another website. How do I access it on the website?
Do you offer group discounts on Pay-Per-View videos?

General Video Questions

Where do the videos on come from?
Do you chapter every program?
Do you create highlights for every programs?
How can I get video of my event posted on
How can I share or embed a video highlight?
Can I get a DVD of a program?
How do I subscribe to Podcasts?
Where else can I find
Does have a political position?

Technical Issues

What are the technical requirements for watching video on
Insufficient Bandwidth Notice
Why is not recognizing the flash I have installed?
Can I watch videos full screen?
Can I watch videos full screen from an embedded video?
I need help viewing a Pay-Per-View Event, who can help me?

Advertising and Sponsorship

How do I advertise with
How do I find out about sponsoring programming?
How do I license footage?