STDTS™: The World's First Warp Drive

The early Dawning of Interstellar Travel Has Arrived!

Join the excitement as this breakthrough documentary begins a new era for Humankind. This is the Kitty Hawk moment for the debut of the first functioning prototype technology for WARP DRIVE. Never before has there been a story like this, and YOU can be a part of it!


One man figured out where our science had gone wrong…

One man figured out how to develop it

One man beat NASA to it


One Man has the


The Official Logo of the first warp technology is the world.

Harold "Sonny" White and the Truth about NASA's "warp drive"

NASA May Have Accidently Developed Warp Drive WIRED: NASA Warp Drive - Yeah, Still Poppycock Sputnik News - NASA: We're NOT Working On Warp Drive

Listen To Marshall Barnes, R&D Eng from 2013 on warpdrive and more!

July 2nd, 2016

  • 11AM Honolulu, HI
  • 12PM Adak, AK, US
  • 1PM Fairbanks, AK, US
  • 2PM San Francisco, CA, US
  • 2PM Phoenix, AZ, US
  • 3PM Denver, CO, US
  • 4PM Chicago, IL, US
  • 5PM New York City, NY, US
  • 6PM Hallifax, NS, CA
  • 10PM Dublin, IR
  • 10PM London, UK
  • 11PM Berlin, DE
  • 11PM Cape Town, SA

July 3rd, 2016

  • 12AM Moscow, RU
  • 1AM Dubai, UAE
  • 2:30AM New Delhi, IN
  • 4AM Bangkok, TH
  • 5AM Perth, AU
  • 6AM Tokyo, JP
  • 6AM Jayapura, ID
  • 7AM Sydney, AU
  • 9AM Auckland, NZ

Marshall Barnes may be unknown to you, but he is a recognized force to be reckoned with those who know who he is - the first man to create a functioning prototype warp drive technology and project the plans for testing it in space!

Marshall Barnes

While NASA's Harold "Sonny" White has garnered mainstream publicity with his dreams of building a working warp drive and David Pares has been tinkering in his crowded garage with microscopic results, Marshall Barnes has been developing what to do with his technology that he's had since 2000. An ingenious research and development engineer with a nearly 40 year history of developing ideas and inventions beyond the mainstream cutting edge, Marshall has not only confronted the science and physics of his invention but how to commercialize it into a viable privatized space program that could exist without the need for or hinderance of NASA funding.

Unlike the NASA Eagleworks effort, this is the REAL DEAL and predates it by 12 YEARS...

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