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March 21, 2012

Innovation and the Future of Energy: Peter Voser, CEO, Royal Dutch Shell in conversation with Rich Karlgaard, Publisher, Forbes


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The future of energy is one of the most timely and important topics to be discussed at the Churchill Club this year. Population growth; massive and growing demands for energy/water/food; climate stresses; low levels of trust among business, governments and individuals; and other factors conspire to create a complex ecosystem that is both challenging and ripe with opportunity. How will we meet the energy demands of the next two decades, and beyond? What are the tradeoffs, and what’s at stake? What are the roles technology and innovation can play to help address the challenges, and create new opportunities? Join us for this rare chance to watch Peter Voser, CEO of a company that over the past decades has invested billions of dollars into research and development, was the first to develop scenarios to explore the future of energy and was recently shown on both Thomson Reuters’ and MIT’s Technology Review lists of the world's most innovative companies. Voser will share his personal vision and observations, in conversation with Forbes Publisher Rich Karlgaard.

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