Filmmaker James Cameron with Google CEO Eric Schmidt

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length: 01:16:22 | date: 10.27.2010
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Filmmaker James Cameron:
New Technology for Avatar Sequels

About this event

James Cameron's films have blazed new trails in visual effects and set performance records both domestically and abroad. AVATAR and TITANIC, the #1 and #2 highest grossing films in history, earned 23 Academy Award nominations and 14 Oscars between them.

An avid scuba diver, Cameron has made 33 manned-submersible dives to the Titanic, and ultimately led seven deep ocean expeditions with over 70 deep submersible dives. He created a number of documentary films about ocean exploration and conservation, including GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS and ALIENS OF THE DEEP, both of which utilized the 3D camera system he co-pioneered.

Cameron is fascinated by outer as well as inner space; he is currently a co-investigator on the Mastcam of the Curiosity Rover, which in 2011 will be the first 3D motion imaging camera to operate on another planet. He is continuing to develop ocean projects and other environmentally-themed documentaries.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear extraordinary filmmaker, technologist, and explorer James Cameron speak with Google CEO Eric Schmidt about his personal experiences and vision.

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