WWD Digital Forum: Beauty NYC 2014

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Allure: Can Native Advertising Be Legit?

Marie Jones and Jill Friedson from Allure magazine look at ways native advertising can get creative in a digital space without interfering with editorial.

Beauty Brands Have to Be Entertainment Brands

Alessio Rossi, Vice President of Interactive Marketing & E-Business for Lanome USA, notes the shift in digital marketing to where brands have to create engaging content to entertain customers.

Dove Goes Digital: How Selfies Redefine Real Beauty

David Rubin, Vice President of Marketing at Unilever Hair, explains the viral thinking behind Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty and #beautyis hashtag.

E-Tailers Must Advertise in the "Mall of Amazon"

WWD Deputy Editor Evan Clark explains how e-tailers are advertising on Amazon without selling anything on the "ecommerce behemoth." 

Let Analytics Guide Your Site Design

Skyn ICELAND founder Sarah Kugelman explains how using data about where users click on the website guided the evolution of the site design for a more streamlined experience.

Love Not "Likes": The Days of Social Data Are Numbered

NetBase's Chief Evangelist Malcolm de Leo explains how social tools can be used to measure more than the number of mentions, Facebook "likes," and influencers.

The Anti-Instagram: Gilt & Snapchat Get Unfiltered, Fast

Marisa Thalberg, Vice President of Digital Marketing at Estée Lauder Companies, shares tips from Gilt Group and SnapChat on how to take advantage of short attention spans with quick, unfiltered advertising and flash sales.

Tips from CoverGirl: Great Ideas Are Obvious

Rick Hasselbeck, Vice President of Marketing for CoverGirl, argues that great ideas come naturally and are equal parts hard work and magic.  

Vlogger Tutorials vs. Brand-Produced Content

Rob Ciampa, CMO of Pixability, explains how beauty tutorials created by vloggers are the most popular beauty content on YouTube and why.

When It Comes to Digital, Walgreens 'Keeps It Simple'

Deepika Pandey, Group Vice President for Digital of Walgreens, explains that when it comes to digital strategy Walgreens believes in keeping it simple. 

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About this conference

The hallmarks of the beauty industry are innovation and interaction, making digital platforms a critical- area of strategic growth for brands and retailers. In a marketing driven business, digital has evolved and expanded the counter-to-customer relationship and offered tactile, valuable experiences that further the conversation between brands, retailers and consumers.

Created specifically for the beauty industry, the first-ever WWD Digital Forum: Beauty Edition is suited for both the experienced digital marketer and the novice. Featuring presentations from some of the world's foremost beauty brands and retailers, as well as digital experts this event offers insight from those who are successfully-and creatively-using digital in the beauty space.

  • Integrating a digital strategy throughout the marketing organization
  • Building a digital cult beauty brand
  • Using social media to create a dynamic connection with influential celebrity fragrance lines
  • Launching a completely digital beauty brand
  • Creating devoted brand loyalty through dedicated digital channels

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