WWD Digital Forum 2013 Winter Session

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Are You Experienced? Living the New Service Economy

Jennifer Hyman, CEO of Rent The Runway, argues that today's fastest growing companies, such as Airbnb and Uber, are building an "experience economy" that places value on service rather than product. 

Geomarketing: 'Minority Report' Style Advertising

John Faith, Senior Vice President of Mobile for Whaleshark Media, describes the futuristic technology behind the ad campaign "RetailMeNot", launched using geo-fencing. 

Making a Brand Pop: The NARS Andy Warhol Collection

NARS Cosmetics Digital Media Director Heather Park details the work between NARS and the Andy Warhol Foundation, and how they brought an iconic, pop art brand to social media. 

A Brand Born Digital: Bonobos Bets on E-Commerce

Andy Dunn, CEO of Bonobos, talks about starting out in e-commerce, and how businesses evolve from simply extending a brand online to building a digital brand. 

A Viral Business Model: Crowdsourcing Boosts Threadless

Threadless founder Jake Nickell describes how leaving design decisions up to an online community set Threadless apart from other e-commerce retailers.

Bobbi Brown: Leveraging Social Media's New Influencers

Alicia Sontag, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing for Bobbi Brown, outlines how Bobbi Brown used the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William to reach a new audience on social media. 

Bricks and Clicks: Disruptors in How We Shop

Wendy Liebmann, Founder and CEO of WSL/Strategic Retail, looks at shopping disruptors like Walmart and digital commerce. Liebmann argues that the focus has shifted from who consumers are to how they shop.

Logic & Magic: Success of Coach's Social Media Campaign

David Duplantis, Head of Digital Operations at Coach, highlights the success of a viral video campaign that amplified the reach of Coach's brand.

Multichannel Retailing: Building a Seamless Brand

Miki Berardelli, CMO of Tory Burch, and Matthew Berglass, President of Berglass + Associates, discuss the difficulty in managing all the sides of a brand, including retail, online, and mobile stores.

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FROM WWD Digital Forum Fall 2012 -- Sephora Digital VP: Forming a Successful Online Strategy

About this conference

Hosted by WWD editors, the 2013 Winter Session of the WWD Digital Forum will address every aspect of business in the digital space-from mobile technology to social media marketing strategies to e-commerce. Featuring actionable information, interactive discussions, and opportunities for attendees to network with industry peers, the event will provide the knowledge and tools required to compete in today's tech-driven marketing landscape.

Topics will include:
  • Online and offline convergence - mastering the omni-channel approach
  • Mapping the new digital frontier - what's new, what's next
  • Measuring ROI
  • What's at stake and what lies ahead in 2013
  • Lessons learned from the holiday - what worked, what didn't

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