WWD Digital Forum 2013 Summer Session

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Forward3D: Are Men Out-Shopping Women Online?

Martin McNulty, CEO of Forward3D, shows how brand visibility and gender dramatically affect how many clicks it takes a shopper to buy online. 

China's E-Commerce Boom: Millennials Shop Alibaba & ASOS

Matt Hiscock, senior vice president for ASOS US, describes how the fashion e-commerce company plans to work with the demands of shoppers in China.

Who Are the Millennials? Why Demographics Are Useless

Vice President of MasterCard Information Solutions David Rich shows the flaws in marketing to a specific demographic, or a segment of shoppers like Millennials. 

Digital Makeover: Is Fashion Ready for Beauty Apps?

Jessica DeLuca, co-founder of Cult Beauty Ltd., explains why mobile technology and apps are a good look for fashion brands and shoppers.

Why Jimmy Choo Shoes Fit the New 24/7 Stylemakers

Dana Gers, SVP Global Communications at Jimmy Choo, promotes the luxury shoe brand's microsite 'Choo 24:7 Stylemakers' and how they mined user-generated photos from bloggers and fans.

The Outnet: Will Mobile E-Commerce Beat the Grey Market?

Stephanie Phair, director of The Outnet, describes the mobile e-commerce trend in China and why both discount and luxury brands need to worry about 'grey markets' and counterfeit fashion.

User-Generated Fashion: H&M Shares Social Shopping Tips

Jordan Nasser, Global Head of Digital for H&M, asks what more fashion stores can do to promote social shopping and high-tech, user-generated engagement. 

How Flash Sales Turn Fashion Into a Fundraiser

Miki Berardelli, CMO for Tory Burch, shares how a Facebook post turned into disaster relief for the Red Cross and victims of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. 

Digital Refined: Kering Test Drives the Luxury Car Look

Federico Barbieri, vice president of eBusiness at Kering, notices how luxury car brands can influence fashion decisions about form and function.

Farfetch: How E-Commerce Edited Diversity Out of Fashion

Jose Neves, CEO of Farfetch.com, explains why efficient, streamlined e-commerce, with highly edited inventories, keeps diverse fashion out of stock. 

The Apple of Fashion: How Topshop Keeps Its Brand Iconic

Justin Cooke, chief marketing officer at Topshop, explains how the fashion giant modeled its brand off Apple and 'infinite loop' business.

Who's Afraid of E-Commerce? Prada Sells Out to MyTheresa

Christoph and Susanne Botschen, co-founders of mytheresa.com, share how they sold designer fashion brands like Prada, Balenciaga, and Givenchy on e-commerce. 

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About this conference

The WWD Digital Forum lands in London on July 11, 2013, bringing with it a roundup of the most innovative and insightful perspectives from around the globe. Hosted by WWD editors and selling out every session, WWD Digital Forums are global events that gather 200 of the most influential companies in apparel and retail. The Forums spark conversation, incite collaboration and explore the latest digital developments in the fashion, beauty, retail, and footwear industries. Held for the first time ever, the London Session is an opportunity for European industry leaders to strategize with those who are defining digital business in the United States and worldwide.

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