WWD Digital Forum 2013 Spring Session

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Why Facebook Sucks: One Size Fits All Marketing is Over

David Selinger, co-founder of RichRelevance, explains why 'one size fits all' marketing doesn't work and thinks data will personalize shopping and make reviews relevant. Selinger also highlights the limitations of Facebook, a social landscape that can't identify and highlight influential trendsetters.

App Addict: How Uber Drives Expectations for More Mobile

Steve Yankovich, Vice President of Innovation & New Ventures for eBay Inc., argues that 'frictionless' apps like Uber are redefining user and consumer exceptions and how businesses use mobile tech.

Sexy Tech: Why Millennials Don't Try Before They Buy

Elton X. Graham, vice president of e-commerce at Kellwood, looks at how to make e-commerce work for apparel brands and why millennial shoppers don't need to try before they buy.

The End of Advertising: Lo-Fi Redefines the 21st Century

Gap Inc.'s Digital and Social Media Global Director Rachel Tipograph theorizes that daily, lo-fi ads will put an end to the era of flashy, mass-produced brand campaigns. Tipograph believes lo-fi has better customer penetration because the barrier of entry is lower than major advertising.

F-Commerce: How Smart Brands Make Money on Facebook Home

Diego Berdakin, co-founder of BeachMint, shares why he believes Facebook is the new frontier for e-commerce, and describes how to build a business on social commerce using the popularity of the site.

Winning the eCommerce Battle Against Amazon Fashion

Dan Obegi, CEO at DermStore Beauty Group, explains how small e-commerce companies can bring up demand and sell specialty brands better than Amazon and eBay.

Get Liked: Why Simple Ideas Shine on Social Media

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann details how OPI marketed 'Couture de Minnie' nail polish by crowd-sourcing customer stories on social media.

Why Fashion-Savvy Shoppers Still Trust the Blogosphere

Lisa Joy Rosner, NetBase Chief Marketing Officer, reveals that  social shoppers who put fashion forward are not only looking at Facebook, but also blogs and forums for what to wear and buy.

Zappos Couture Redesigns Mobile with Responsive Design

Jennifer Sidary, couture connoisseur for Zappos Couture, explains why responsive design and the new focus on mobile will drive sales for e-commerce retailers.

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About this conference

Staying ahead of the latest digital trends is essential for keeping pace with today's apparel, beauty, and retail business. Hosted by WWD editors, the 2013 Spring Session of the WWD Digital Forum will address every aspect of business in the digital space-from mobile technology to social media marketing strategies to e-commerce. Featuring actionable information, interactive discussions, and opportunities for attendees to network with industry peers, the event will provide the knowledge and tools required to compete in today's tech-driven marketing landscape.

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